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IC TDA 3653B

Jual IC TDA 3653B ( IC vertical deflection output )


IC TDA 3653B ( IC vertical deflection output )

The is a vertical deflection output circuit for drive of various deflection systems with currents 1.5 A peak-to-peak. Features· Driver· Output stage· Thermal protection and output stage protection· Flyback generator· Voltage stabilizer· Guard circuit QUICK REFERENCE DATA PARAMETER Supply (note 1) Supply voltage range pin 9 pin 6 Output (pin 5) Peak output voltage during flyback Output current Operating junction temperature range Thermal resistance junction to mounting base (SOT110B) (SOT131) Note to the quick reference data 1. The maximum supply voltage should be chosen such that during flyback the voltage at pin 5 does not exceed 60 V. PACKAGE OUTLINES TDA3653B: 9-lead SIL; plastic SOT110-1; 1996 November TDA3653C: 9-lead SIL; plastic power (SOT131); SOT131-2 November 25. Rth j-mb Rth j-mb K/W V6-4 V SYMBOL MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT

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